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Treat Dispensing Dog Pull Toy

Treat Dispensing Dog Pull Toy

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This treat dispensing toy is a great way to turn mealtime into playtime. The suction-cup provides a fun and exciting way for your pup to enjoy a game of tug-of-war, as well as a tasty snack.
This toy has specially designed slots that slowly release treats as your pup plays. Simply stuff it with your dog food or small snacks, secure it to the ground, and let your dog take things from there. For the best suction results, step on the suction cup with your foot when attaching to a smooth, clean surface. Suction cup will not stick to porous surfaces.
Not recommended for Large dogs ( over 50 lbs) that can pull too aggressively.


Fun Self Play Dog Toy
Made Food Grade Rubber
Slow Feed Toy To Help With Teeth Clean
Powerful Suction Cup

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